Mike Wong is a Canadian-born creative based in Toronto, specializing in Cinematography, Editing and Visual Effects. He creates work that expresses his passion in filmmaking as a whole and extends this passion to new and familiar faces he encounters, determined to learn as much as he can to conceptualize his storytelling to his audience.

Besides his work life, Mike is a huge advocate in traveling, especially with his Onewheel, and explores as much as he can, seeking inspiration, fulfillment and stories to tell.

How it all Started

Every company has a purpose that fuels its existence. Why you chose to start your company is based upon your core values and beliefs. The work that I focus on crafting is bringing out those core values that drive you, through the visual narrative of filmmaking. I want to grab more than just the interest of your viewers, I want them to believe in the work that you do.

Mikejeffwong Productions was created to not only represent the work that I love doing but to uphold the passion and fulfillment of what is deeply rooted within my beliefs. Although we may have different lines of work in various industries, I strongly believe that behind all of this is what makes us the same; and that’s storytelling.


Storytelling is what started my company; I want to share what started yours.